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I love How everyone thinks the 49ers have plateaued. Has anyone else besides myself noticed that the "Plateaued" talk has popped up since the 49ers have clinched the division.

Lets think like a NEW head coach shall we?

Gee I am the head coach of a new nfl team loaded with talant with a giant question mark at quarterback. Well now that I have clinched the division and have a Guaraneed spot in the playoffs maybe this would be a great time to open up the playbook a little bit and get a good idea of what I have (@QB)going into the playoffs. Especially since I didn't have much of an off-season to really evaluate the roles of players and where they fit into my sceme?

I am not saying that this is a Super Bowl Caliber team but we lost to the Ravens and the Cardinals (a division rival). Come on everyone don't lose faith Harbaugh is just testing the waters before the playoffs which I think is the best time to do so. I know everyone wants the bye and home field but he is still learning about what kind of personel he has. He needs to find where everyone really fits in his system before the playoffs so he can make sure he puts this team in the best position to win. Is a Super Bowl in the near future I am not sure but I have all the faith in Harbaugh because he has already led this team to a 10-3 record dispite facing a lock-out and not being able to have of any kind of off-season to really implemant any kind of system.

Keep up the great work Harbaugh even if we don't go all the way I have never been more excited about this team than I am now. Alex Smith is my leader and he has the talant and the skill. Can we provide him the the pocket time and the skilled recievers to take advantage I don't know?

Braylon Edwards sucks he always has/beside that one year where he and Derek Anderson connected on a regular basis and both benifited. The 49ers best possible formation would be: Alex in Shotgun with Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Snyder, and Davis blocking with WR1 Crabtree, WR2 Kyle Williams, WR3 Vernon in slot and Hunter and Gore on both sides of Alex.  I truely believe that, this is the best package (possible subing Hunter for D. Walker) that gives any defense fits, plus you have guaranteed mis-matches.

Any team @ 10-3 is a good team no arguement. Don't Forget and dont lose Faith.

(This was a drunk/strong tipsy post) also F@#k the Cowboys I will never admit defeat to them and I would love the opportunity to put an elbow through Mike Irvins stupid face.

NO JUDGMENT THIS IS ALL OPINIONATED if you don't agree I dont care.
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My Draft Picks

The 49ers have 10 picks in the 2011 Draft here is my wish list

1. First round, No. 7 (7th overall) Patrick Peterson (CB-LSU, 6'1"-212lbs, 4.42-40) or Prince Amukamara (CB-Nebraska, 6'0"-205, 4.49-40) The 49ers have a glaring need the the CB position, Nate Clements is a good CB but he is a better nickel player where he can help with run support. Plus if you can cover someone for one more second then the pass rush is more effective.

2. Second round, No. 13 (45th overall) Akeem Ayers (OLB-CAL, 6'4"-255, 4.68-40) I believe he has the speed off the edge to get to the QB and the strength to set the edge on outside runs. With a consistant pass rusher needed I cant see the 49ers passing this guy up.(Unless someone else falls dramatically)

3. Third round, No. 12 (76th overall) Terrence Toliver (WR-LSU, 6'4"-211, 4.49-40) I will repeat something here 6 foot 4 inches 4.49 second 40 yard dash the 9ers have a decent wide reciever core but lack a someone over 6'1" this is a guy that will win those jump balls more then not.

4. Fourth round, No. 11 (110th overall) Owen Marecic (FB-Stanford,6'0"-246, 4.78-40) Great utility player, special teams, and possible future replacement for Moran Norris.

5. Fourth round, No. 18 (from San Diego in 2010 draft-day trade) Sione Fua (DT/NT-Stanford, 6'2" 307, 5.16-40) One of the only decent players that can play both DT and the NT. With the questions surrounding Aubrayo Franklin's age and contract Fua could be some insurance.

6. Fifth round, No. 10 Casey Matthews (LB-Oregon, 6'1"-232, 4.78-40) No real need at LB but nice pick up this late good special teams player major upside with no real risk-----This is more of a fantasy pick because I don't like any of the QBs in this draft(No immediate starters) Harbaugh might see potential in someone and grab him here. Maybe Pat Delvin or Greg McElroy will fall to us.

7. Sixth round, No. 9 Noel Devine (RB-West Virginia, 5'7"-160, 4.34-40) This pick is my favorite he is like a darren sproles change up back and kick/punt returner. At 5'6" he disappears from sight when the O-line stands up and with his 4.34 second 40 yard dash he has the chance to be a home run hitter.

8. Sixth round, No. 25 (from Seattle for Kentwan Balmer) Devon Torrence (CB-Ohio St., 6'0"-190, 4.53-40) With the weak corners on the 49ers they need all the starting competition they can get.

9. Seventh round, No. 7 (from Detroit for Shaun Hill) Lazarius Levingston (DE-LSU, 6'4" 288, 4.85-40) I will honestly say I know that much about this guy but he has the size to play DE in a 3-4 defense.

10. Seventh round, No. 8 Andrew Jackson (OG-Fresno St., 6'5"-303, 5.42-40) Chilo needs to step up but it wouldn't hurt to bring in some back ups if we have to bench him.

Go Niners!!!!
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Posted on: December 17, 2010 1:40 pm

Thursday Night Disapointment

First don't get me wrong the niners lost and were beatin soundly. BUT....that had to be some of the worst officiating I have ever seen....They dinged the niners for some minor penaties....albeit they were there but most of them were pretty minor.....then the Chargers got away with some of the most blatent penaties on 3rd and 2 Rivers motioned Jacob Hester from the right side of the off set I to the left side then hester jumps forward realizes he jumped before the snap and was in the middle of adjusting back to his spot when rivers said hike. Thats 2 different penalties....false start and/or illegal formations player moving forward before the snap. Plus the ejection of Justin Smith was bogus that should have been a 15 yard pently at most. The charger and the ref were between Smith and the defenses huddle to me it looked like he was just trying to get back to the huddle...everyone says he shoved the ref that is bull....brushed off the refs arm on his way to the huddle....So in retro spec Seymore Punches Big ben = Ejection Johnson and Finnegan fist fight = ejection Justin Smith brushes off refs arm = ejected. Can you find the one that doesn't fit. Alex Smith took late hits and malicious body slams no flag but Moran Norris, while being pulled by his face mask, pushes defenders fask mask and get a TD taken off the board. I love the 49ers and the Chargers. Niners could afford this loss more then the Chargers. All and all not argueing the out come just marking the first time the officiating got me physically upset.
Posted on: November 30, 2010 9:20 pm

Week 12 Results


Patriots @ Lions (Lions) +7 LOST 45-24 Pats

Saints @ Cowboys (Saints) -3 PUSH 30-27 Saints

Bengals @ Jets--------OVER 44 pts LOST 36 Total Points


Panthers @ Browns ----- UNDER 38 pts LOST 47 Total Points

Jaguars @ Giants (Jaguars) +8.5 WON 24-20 Giants

Steelers @ Bills (Steelers) -6 LOST 19-16 Steelers

Titans @ Texans (Titans) +7 LOST 20-0 Texans 

Vikings @ Redskins (Redskins) -1 LOST 17-13 Vikings

Packers @ Falcons-----OVER 48 LOST 37 Total Points

Dolphins @ Raiders (Raiders) LOST 33-17 Fins

Chiefs @ Seahawks (Chiefs) 0 WON 42-24 Chiefs

Buccaneers @ Ravens (Ravens) -6.5 WON 17-10 Ravens

Rams @ Broncos (Broncos) -4 LOST 36-33 Rams

Eagles @ Bears (Bears) +3.5 WON 31-26 Bears

Chargers @ Colts (Chargers) +3 WON 36-14 Chargers


49ers @ Cardinals (Biased 49ers) 0 WON 27-6

Week Record 6-9-1
Total Record 14-16-1
Posted on: November 25, 2010 3:22 pm

Week 12 Spread Picks (Update)

Earlier this week there were some hames that had no lines or i was undecided on here they are.

Panthers @ Browns-------UNDER 38 pts

Titans @ Texans (Titans) +7

Dolphins @ Raiders (Raiders) No Line but whatever it is I'll take it.

Buccaneers @ Ravens (Ravens) 6.5

Rams @ Broncos (Broncos) -4

Chargers @ Colts (Chargers) +3
Posted on: November 23, 2010 1:26 am

Week 12 Spread Picks

Doing these a little earlier then I would like, but I have a busy week and wouldn't just miss one thurday game but 3. These bets are more of gut feelings and less trends research. Again as alway no refunds if you lose money


Patriots @ Lions (Lions) +7

Saints @ Cowboys (Saints) -3

Bengals @ Jets--------OVER 44 pts


Panthers @ Browns () No Line

Jaguars @ Giants (Jaguars) +8.5

Steelers @ Bills (Steelers) -6

Titans @ Texans () No Line

Vikings @ Redskins (Redskins) -1

Packers @ Falcons-----OVER 48

Dolphins @ Raiders () No Line

Chiefs @ Seahawks (Chiefs) 0

Buccaneers @ Ravens (Undecided)

Rams @ Broncos () No Line

Eagles @ Bears (Bears) +3.5

Chargers @ Colts () No Line


49ers @ Cardinals (Biased 49ers) 0
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Brad Childress Gone <3

Finally he's gone....

This is all on Childress, I thought the dumbest thing he didn't do was draft a QB like Clausen or McCoy.

In the 2010 draft in the 6th round with the 199 pick the Vikings took Joe Webb out of University Alabama....basically a lower ranked Tarvaris Jackson...(who they drafted in the second round with the 64th pick in 2006 out of Alabama State) Come on, like Joe Webb is going to be any better the Jackson. They picked the same person practically, 4 years apart and they don't even seem to like Tarvaris or have any faith in him. They passed Jimmy Clausen and McCoy, and took CB Chris Cook early in the Second round. Then their next pick was 2 picks after Clausen is taken and they take Toby Gerhart? While I like Toby, dont the Vikings already have a pretty good running back? I think his name is Adrian Peterson. It bewilders me that they had a shot at Clausen and 2 shots at McCoy both were potential 1st-Early 2nd rounders.

To put this into perspective.....I mean his starter is (at time of draft) still pondering retirement and he doesn't draft a QB. He sends a crew of players down to talk Brett out of it, knowing if Brett comes back it will likely be his last year and it doesn't dawn on him that maybe, since he has little to no faith in t-jax, he should draft a qb like McCoy who can scramble inside and outside the pocket, and have sit behind the great Brett Favre for a year and learn. Then you have a potential starter for next year. I mean it worked for Aaron Rogers and you cant say that he doesn't look at all like Favre when he scrambles then hits the long pass.

Chilly deserved it, in my opinion it was like Wade Phillips and Jamarcus Russell rolled into a turd that puked out Brad Childress. Brad had so much talent on his team that when he got Favre in 2009, Favre was the coach. Farve was the leader and shot caller and Brad didn't have to do anything except sit back and enjoy the ride. Thats why they had a great for this season what can I say other then age caught up. Now thers a new coach and he is going to have to be the first person to tell Brett Favre to sit on the bench for the first time in Brett's long career. Thats not going to end well. I am predicting QB turmoil for at leased 2-3 seasons have fun with that.
Posted on: November 21, 2010 9:08 pm

Alex Smith vs Troy Smith

This comparison is going to be under Mike Johnson's play calling.

Alex Smith
3 1/2 games 71/123 58% complete for 822 yds 7 tds to 4 ints and 5 sacks

Alex had 11.5 yards per completion and was 18/52 on 3rd downs 35% conversion rate

Troy Smith
3 games 45/78 58% complete for 700 yds 2 tds to 1 int 1 rushing td and 11 sacks

Troy has 15.5 yards per completion and is 8/36 on 3rd downs 22% conversion rate

The big difference I see is that Troy has significantly less 3rd downs in general but cant convert them. But he is taking more sacks. He hold the ball too long and even though he is more elusive some how he has be sacked 2x's more then Alex. Its not all on the OL it isn't that much worse since Alex was behind it.

The other obvious difference is yards per completion. Theres a big difference between 11.5 and 15.5 but for having so many big throws the TDs are no where near Alex smith over 3 games.

In the end I am leaving it up to you to draw your own conclusions about who is better. But keep in mind Alex spent all offseason with Jimmy Raye's system not Mike Johnson's.
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