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Posted on: December 16, 2011 1:15 am
I love How everyone thinks the 49ers have plateaued. Has anyone else besides myself noticed that the "Plateaued" talk has popped up since the 49ers have clinched the division.

Lets think like a NEW head coach shall we?

Gee I am the head coach of a new nfl team loaded with talant with a giant question mark at quarterback. Well now that I have clinched the division and have a Guaraneed spot in the playoffs maybe this would be a great time to open up the playbook a little bit and get a good idea of what I have (@QB)going into the playoffs. Especially since I didn't have much of an off-season to really evaluate the roles of players and where they fit into my sceme?

I am not saying that this is a Super Bowl Caliber team but we lost to the Ravens and the Cardinals (a division rival). Come on everyone don't lose faith Harbaugh is just testing the waters before the playoffs which I think is the best time to do so. I know everyone wants the bye and home field but he is still learning about what kind of personel he has. He needs to find where everyone really fits in his system before the playoffs so he can make sure he puts this team in the best position to win. Is a Super Bowl in the near future I am not sure but I have all the faith in Harbaugh because he has already led this team to a 10-3 record dispite facing a lock-out and not being able to have of any kind of off-season to really implemant any kind of system.

Keep up the great work Harbaugh even if we don't go all the way I have never been more excited about this team than I am now. Alex Smith is my leader and he has the talant and the skill. Can we provide him the the pocket time and the skilled recievers to take advantage I don't know?

Braylon Edwards sucks he always has/beside that one year where he and Derek Anderson connected on a regular basis and both benifited. The 49ers best possible formation would be: Alex in Shotgun with Staley, Iupati, Goodwin, Snyder, and Davis blocking with WR1 Crabtree, WR2 Kyle Williams, WR3 Vernon in slot and Hunter and Gore on both sides of Alex.  I truely believe that, this is the best package (possible subing Hunter for D. Walker) that gives any defense fits, plus you have guaranteed mis-matches.

Any team @ 10-3 is a good team no arguement. Don't Forget and dont lose Faith.

(This was a drunk/strong tipsy post) also F@#k the Cowboys I will never admit defeat to them and I would love the opportunity to put an elbow through Mike Irvins stupid face.

NO JUDGMENT THIS IS ALL OPINIONATED if you don't agree I dont care.
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